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مــــا أجـــمــــلك حــــواء الســـــودانيــــه
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  • What Kind of Clothes Do the Women Wear in Sudan?

    The African continent hosts a multitude of interesting lifestyles. Sudan is the biggest African county and the largest Arab country in the world. By law, Sudanese women must wear a certain type of clothing that covers almost the entire body. It is meant to cover a woman's beauty to preserve herself for her husband and prevent sexual objectification. Sudanese women believe their clothing will keep them pure before their god Allah.
  1. History:Before the Muslim invasion in the 13th century, women in Nubia (later known as Sudan and Egypt) used to wear draped pieces of material made out of the flax plant (it grows up to 47 inches with slender stems). With the Muslim rule, the sharia law was implemented, and men and women had to adopt the new clothing style of Arab countries. Women's clothing includes a tob, a hijab and a chadur.


    A tob is the traditional Sudanese dress, a 15-foot long piece of material wrapped around the body worn by both men and women. They wear it during all activities, even inside the house. The women's tob is more colorful. While men wear it with each end thrown over each shoulder, women throw just one end over the left shoulder. The dress covers the legs down to the ankles, and it has an open edge in the front. Usually, women wear the tob over a short dress.


    The hijab is a kind of long shawl that covers the woman's head, hiding her beauty from the eyes of other men besides her husband. The hijab also makes them look more mysterious. Unlike the tob, women can remove the hijab inside the house. While women in other Arab countries leave only their eyes uncovered, Sudanese women do not cover their faces with the hijab.
ChadurThe chadur is a long piece of material worn as an overcoat. It covers the entire body, including the head. The chadur is more common for women in Iran, but Sudanese women also wear it over the tob and hijab.
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Southern Clothing
In the south of Sudan, most inhabitants are Dinka. The Dinkas have no political authority and are agri-pastoral tribes. Women from the Dinka tribes wear a shorter version of the tob that ends below their knees. Their tob is more colorful and allows them to move more freely. They only cover their heads to protect themselves from the sun. Some of the women from the Dinka tribes wear only goatskin shirts and no shoes. Their breasts are exposed or covered with strings of beads.

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Sudanese culture
Clothing habits are generally an important indication of a society's culture, and of the prevalent moral, and artistic values and traditions. This makes it an important subject of study to the majority of social sciences. Old historic Nubian paintings have  demonstrated the nature of Nubian dresses and the clothing habits; they were made either of cotton or by using animal skin and wool.

Female clothes were generally different from men's, but in sometimes they were the same. Women's clothing was mainly in the form of two simple garments, a loincloth, similar to the experts had lain claim to as the origin of the contemporary Sudanese costume, the (Toab). As for Traditional Patterns men, their clothes were of a single piece that was worn to cover the area between the navel and the knees, the rest was left bare.

The type of cloth and the look of the clothes were used to signify the social status for the Nubians. With the coming of the Arabs and their gradual settlement in Sudan , new forms of clothing were introduced, while some of the old ones were maintained and developed in accordance with traditions.

 For example; the (Rahat), a leather belt to which were attached other leather straps and was worn by females since their childhood, this (Rahat) was preserved. In most cases, women wore the (Rahat) without other clothes, while in sometimes they put on with the of the (Rahat), a (Shaigga) which  is a piece of cotton cloth put on to cover the upper part of their bodies or otherwise women wore the (Rahat) with their chests bare.

 Women's clothing were mainly the (Rahat), (Gurgab), (Shaigga) and (Toab). The only difference perhaps was in the materials used, this was due to the environmental and material variance, for example a woman of the Nilotic tribes made the (Rahat) of tree leaves.

The importance of covering women's bodies differed of tribe to tribe and was according to the social and class differences in societies. In the case of men, costumes were highly affected by Arabs'clothing. The nomads' clothing consisted of the (Araaqi), a knee long gown or robe, (Sirwaal) which is also a knee long, wide pantaloon, and the (Taqiya) which is small head-cover or hat, these garments were worn mainly for their suitability to their life style.
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