National Sudanese Singer Omer Ehsas in Vancouver

                         Our Great Sudanese  Musical Ambassador

 Omer Ihsas
Omer Ihsas is a Sudanese singer and composer. Omer Ahmed Mohamed Mustafa, which is his official name, lives with his wife, Fawzia Abdelrazig, and their 4 children, Ryan, Raoaa, Ahmed and Awaab in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan.

Haquiba – the beginning

Omer Ihsas, born and raised in Nyala, the capital of Sd-Dafur, began quite early singing Haquiba songs. Haquiba is a kind of folksinging whereby the singer accompanies himself on an instrument Tomtom and/or with percussions as well as being accompanied by other vocalists.

The composer - musical friends

He finds his style and begins to compose songs. During this time he performs with various befriended musicians, such as Ibrahim Sonata, Ahmed Bass, Mohamed Tarneen, Mickael Aldao, Abosarei, Mohamed Suleiman Guitar, Mohamed Yagoub Agali, Alshazali, Fakhri.

Khartoum – Radio Omdurman

1981 he goes to Khartoum to the “Union for Theatre and Music”. The committee from Radio Omdurman finds his voice good. From this time on he can be heard in radio and television. Ihsas begins his studies on the “Higher Music Institute” in Khartoum.

New style of music - Enthusiasm

1991 he presents his compositions for the Sudan in a totally new musical style. Omer Ihsas succeeds in bringing together the strong rhythms of Darfur percussion with the lightness of the music of the modern times and is able to convince his audiences with this new style of music.

International festivals - Medals of Honour

From then on his international career begins. 1996 he reaches 3. place at the Arabic Song Festival in Tunesia, 2000 he receives the silver medal for the video clip of his song Zoali and 2001 Omer Ihsas wins first prize at the Song Festival in Libanon for Hamra and his new musical style.

Musical Tours in the Sudan and the rest of the world

He sings and presents his compositions, which stand for Hope and Peace, in many lands, such as in Kenya, Chad, Eretria, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Germany, Austria, Holland, Switzerland, England, USA and Canada. In the Sudan he tirelessly tours the areas of crisis, such as in the south and in the camps in Dafur, singing for peace.

Music Productions

Five musical albums go into production: Zoali, Hamra, Alsahairoon, for Dafur we sing, and Imagine.
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Today - Musical Ambassador

Omer Ihsas is considered as the Ambassador for Peace and the new musical style for his homeland. He is a member of the Sudanese General Union for Music Professions - Omdurman / Sudan, the Union for Theatre and Music in Khartoum South / Sudan, President of the Community of Nyala - Khartoum / Sudan and Creative Director for Soulconversation Austria for Sudan.
To see this great singer alive please join us on 
                                                     Sep8/2012 In Vancouver BC

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